Colonial Marines

Game 1: Distress Beacon
Mission: Silent Warbird


U.S.C.M.C. Squad Roster and Record Sheet
Name Rank/Role Outcome
Murdoch (Jake) Corporal/Squad Leader (B-team) 3xp
"Pinch" (Rusty) PVT/Med-Tech (B-team) 3xp/Injured
Chavez (Geno) PVT/Smartgunner (B-team) 3xp
"Joker" (npc) PVT/Rifleman (B-team) 3xp
A. Armstrong (Dan) L. Corporal/Spec.Weapons (A-team) 3xp/Injured
"Snuffy" (Matt) PVT/Comm-tech (A-team) KIA
J. Carter (npc) PVT/Smartgunner (A-team) KIA
J. Blokowski (John) PVT/Rifleman (A-team) 3xp

Mission: Silent Warbird

Our Marines were on a training mission aboard the [USS Sephora]  when they received a distress beacon transmission from the Archon System (LV426). They responded and discovered the [USS Sulaco] adrift, and not responding to hail attempts. A ship-to-ship umbilical is attached to the port side, but all that is left of the other ship is debris.

Lieutenant Whitehead sent a boarding party consisting of 8 marines over to investigate, led by Corporal Murdoch (Jake) with three objectives:

  1. Secure the bridge
  2. Rescue survivors
  3. Finding information as to what happened

Almost immediately they made contact with a hostile force. This enemy wore all black armor with no insignia or flag. They demanded the marines immediate surrender. 

The marines neutralized this threat and split up. A-Team went went forward towards the bridge while B-team towards Cryogenetics to look for survivors.

A-team encountered an unknown xeno element in liquid-filled containers. One container was knocked over. The released Xeno proved hostile as it ambushed from the piping in ceiling attempting to attach itself to the marines face. 4 were eliminated. Private 1st Class/Smartgunner Carter (npc) received fatal wounds from Private Blokowski's (John) friendly fire when attempting to remove hostile element.  This creature proved to have acid as blood.

B-team discovered three colonists in Cryo—Lisbith Hutchins, Ethan Carter, & Dwayne Morgan— who were unwillingly transferred from a Weyland-Yutani shipped named the Legato to the Sulaco.  In route to extraction, Ethan Carter became ill and collapsed. A Xeno emerged from his chest cavity, immediately killing him. The Xeno was neutralized, and the remaining three civilians were extracted. This creature also had acidic blood.

A third Xenomorph attacked B-team, a large, black-skinned creatured with a thick exoskeleton. It was neutralized and too had acidic blood, which led the team to believe they were connected somehow, perhaps the same species.

A-team encountered the remaining hostile human force barricaded in the bridge. They also wore the same unmarked black armor.  The threat was neutralized and their leader surrendered. He carried some sort of encrypted datapad. L. Corporal Armstong (Dan) was seriously injured, and private Comm-Specialist "Snuffy" (Matt) was KIA during the assault.


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